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Dec 2015

Category: Content Example
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Real estate & Construction sector is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, In India real estate is second largest employer after agriculture & The construction industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy .

Real estate & construction Sectors having sub sectors like Residential Development ,commercial Development ,Industrial Development ,Hospitality , like any other sector real Estate & construction sector involves many department & work flows ,in construction it starts with Land Acquisition, capturing land details like owner, price moment history, land clearance ,purchase management ,Inventory ,project Management, Development Phases payment scheduling, till end product flat management with other charges. these all process take places in back office , in real estate it starts with Defining marketing strategy(Campaign),Lead generation ,Lead & enquiry nurturing , making customer ,post sales, till possession which comes under Marketing, Presales ,sales & post sales Department.

From above specified work flow & departments it is known fact that these processes flow from one department to other department .if companies will start using separates software's for Different process than it will be very difficult for the management to get clear idea about what going on in their organization & how it is linked with each other ,every time management need to filter out different reports from different software & again to manage in excel & match, in such cases there are chances of getting inaccurate result. This is time consuming process as well cause people will waste their time to get reports as per management requirement which may be not upto the mark cause of different formats or outputs.

Instead of having separate solutions for every process of construction & real estate , there should be one single platform which will cover all aspects of your business under one roof.

  • Managing all business process under one platform will help employees to process the work from one department to another department smoothly
  • It will give transparent reporting as every input is given to one system, so system can generate accurate Output.
  • It will help management to do forecasting.
  • History of any work from start to end will be there in the system which will help people to analyze its behavior.
  • History of any customer or prospect or lead will be there which will help your employees to understand customer.
  • every process which comes anywhere in between start & end point of business can set under one roof

What all Process real Estate & construction companies can manage under one Platform (Specifically T3 Platform )?

  • Marketing
  • Cloud telephony
  • Various communication mode handling & recording
  • Call Centre management
  • pre sales
  • sales
  • Post sales
  • Collections
  • Payments
  • HRMS
  • MIS
  • History management
  • API integrations
  • complaint handling
  • Defining Access
  • setting alerts
  • Easy Import Export at multiple points
  • Reporting
  • Purchase management
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Inventory management
  • Other than all above specified as per client requirement we can customize any process in between.

These services can be provided by only those IT Vendors who follows SAAS(Software As A Service) or PAAS (Platform As A Service).T3CRM Is one of them