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T3 Warehouse Industry

T3 CRM is web-based CRM software which offers CRM for warehouse industry.T3 is expertise in warehouse CRM software application specializing in supporting the day to day process within a warehouse.T3 warehouse management software is used to control and track the goods and storage materials in a warehouse industry.T3 offers a specialized software with all the features which can be used in the day to day activity in the warehouse industry to manage all the goods and materials. 

The warehouse management software is designed to use in the center warehouse management and staff.The CRM software module is designed to streamline your warehouse daily activity for planning,organizing,directing and controlling the available resources to move and store materials in and out of the warehouse,while supporting all the material movement.

All the above features is supported by the CRM software ,to carry out all the task in the warehouse industry.

Our warehouse management crm software helps you in accomplishment of the basic functionalities which is carried out in the warehouse industry.

T3 CRM for Warehouse industry captures all its customer – related data in a single panel and combines it with your sales,marketing , and service initiatives.

Benefits : T3 CRM for Warehouse Industry

  • A warehouse management CRM software is database configure to support warehouse operations like:
  • Individual stock keeping units
  • Warehouse storage locations
  • Receiving inbound transactions
  • Put away/flow-through
  • Inventory management
  • Cycle count
  • Internal transfers
  • Changing goods’ status
  • Pick up for outbound loading and shipping
  • Statistical and management reporting
  • Quotation and billing
  • Customer tracking for visibility
  • Advanced search

Features:T3 CRM for Warehouse industry comprises of following features

  • 100% customized for you to improve your daily workflow and save your time.
  • Leverage data to create stronger relationships with your members.
  • Built with the flexibility to be used by multiple organizational roles.

T3 Cloud CRM Software Solutions offers an integrated platform that can manage information in context of business activities.It is incorporated with the following features:

  • Automate data exchange with trading partners.
  • Produce and manage quotations.
  • Understand profits in context of accounts and customer segments.
  • Improve retail execution/promotion management.
  • Expand new markets.
  • Improve sales and prospecting activities/customer support.
  • Understand your end-to-end customer service processes and success factors.
  • Manage product, order and service life cycle.
  • Improve promotion uptake and up-sell
  • Improve volume planning.
  • Initiate and improve real-time offer management based on buying patterns, usage trends and churn.
  • Understand and foster successful customer culture.
  • Implement tools to support call center staff answering questions on product support, complaints, information.
  • Integrate supplier/retailer profiling and quotations.
  • Maintain contract records.
  • Set up and maintain in-field issue management and territory management functions for on-demand access.
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