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T3 offers services and solutions in the sphere of cloud computing ,enterprise applications,mobile applications and also on desktop.T3 melts into all the business size wether it be small or large scale business.we provide services to all types of business like real estate,manufacturing,warehouse,health care,hospitality etc , we strike to give solutions to all the industries which are located in Kolkata.

Our ability to help our clients which are kolkata based transform their business with software solutions,draws strength from our unique working approach.

Our T3 CRM integrates all of your major business Processes which helps you to function your business very efficently.

CRM / ERP software includes modules such as Marketing and Sales, Field Service, Production, Inventory Control, Procurement, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting.CRM / ERP systems can run on a variety of hardware and network configurations, typically employing a database to store data.

T3 CRM provides the CRM solution across verticals of industry including:

Small to Medium Business

Financial Services

Industrial Solution

Travel and Transportation


T3 Softwares

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