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T3 Softwares

T3 CRM Closely Review your business processes and workflow in order to define and give you a customized CRM Software requirements,solutions and end to end development cycle,which will helps you to get a 360 degree view of your business organisation.At T3 Softwares we understand your business logic and also gives our client with specific made CRM solutions .

Sailent Features of T3 CRM:

  • Lead Capture - Capture Leads Automatically From Various Sources
  • Lead Assignment - Assign, Track & Manage Sales Leads with Activities
  • Opportunities - Manage Opportunities & Sales Pipeline with Stages
  • Task Planner - Plan Activities to Team with Email/SMS reminders
  • Mobile CRM App - Complete Mobile CRM
  • Integration - Integrates with other leading software systems.
  • Email, SMS Alerts - Send automatic & Manual Email/SMS communications
  • Customization - Customize forms, fields, reports to suit your business.
  • Reports - Business Intelligence Reports & Customized Reports.

Benefits of T3 CRM:

  • One platform for your team to collaborate,meet requirements,assign task.
  • One platform to sell, deliver and support customers for higher qulaity lead generation.
  • Eliminate data inconsistency
  • Eliminate painful integrations & multiple logins
  • Effective Time Management
  • Gets Web + Mobile view of the software at same time.
Together we can find a solution