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T3 is one of the best in class provider of ERP Warehouse management System in Mumbai which focuses on handling and replenishing goods under the roof of a warehouse, and the derived tasks to report and analyze inventory movements. Planned and actual inventory transactions are created by a particular demand for receiving or issuing goods. Any inventory movement results in a warehousing-system order to be executed. In fact, the warehousing-system orders are the communication layer between T3 ERP Warehouse and the other T3 ERP applications. As a result, tight integrations exist between T3 ERP Warehousing and the other T3 ERP applications, but at the same time the package is essentially decoupled from the rest of the T3 ERP applications. As a result, integrations towards external applications, such as WMS or ADC vendors, are possible.

The functions and features of the following modules

Warehouse Master Data
Inventory Reporting
Inventory Planning
Inventory Analysis
Inventory Handling
Lot Control


  • Type of Container
  • Equipments
  • Storage Location
  • Dock
  • Staging
  • Putaway Route (Input)
  • Picking Path (Output)

Warehouse Parameter

  • How do you usually get the stock
  • Bank payment
  • Product Picture Capture
  • How do you usually place the container

Container Types


Layout Configuration

  • Type of Location
  • Container Type
  • Define Location Code
  • N° columns (L) & N° rows (HT) configuration
  • Final Layout View

Bar coding

  • Generate Product Wise barcode
  • Scan Unique barcode or Batch wise Barcode on Inputting Stocks
  • Scan Unique barcode or Batch wise Barcode on Picking
  • Contra (Inter Bank Transfer)


  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Generate Report for Picking Stocks

Reports – Summary

  • Location wise Item Stock
  • Pallet Free For Replenishments


A location is a distinct place in a warehouse where goods are stored. A warehouse can be divided into locations to manage the available space, and to locate the stored goods. Storage conditions, capacity data, and blocks can be applied to individual locations. Locations can have the following types:


T3 CRM Warehouse Management


Here, you must define the items used or handled by Warehousing. In item warehousing data, you can enter specific warehousing data, such as:

Valuation data
Storage data
Issue data
Lead times
Replenishment data

Integrated Warehouse
Management Software

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