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T3 Realestate CRM


Identifying and attracting potential customers .


Includes prospect research, lead qualification, needs assessment, product demonstrations, and proposal preparation.


Involves customer support, onboarding, training, and ensuring customer satisfaction


Assuring that digital information is uncorrupted and can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so.

How we're helping you grow businesses today

Capture Leads Universally

Efficiently manage your leads with our CRM solution. Capture leads from various sources, such as your website, social media platforms, and online advertisements.

Organize, categorize, and assign leads to your team members, ensuring prompt follow-ups and improved lead conversion rates.

*Third party Integration.

Auto Lead Allocation Based on Rule Engine

Auto Lead Allocation based on a Rule Engine is a sophisticated system that automates the distribution of leads to different sales agents or teams. By leveraging predefined rules and algorithms, the system intelligently assigns leads to the most suitable recipients. This technology ensures efficient lead management, reduces manual efforts, and optimizes the conversion process.

Allocated Leads on Telecaller App

With the help of an allocated leads system integrated into a telecaller app, sales agents can effortlessly access and manage their assigned leads.

The app provides real-time updates on new leads, allows agents to prioritize and track their progress, and facilitates seamless communication with potential customers. This streamlined approach enhances productivity and enables efficient lead conversion.

*Some parts of dialer system.

Property Search & Matching

Property search and matching is a process that utilizes advanced algorithms and databases to help individuals or businesses find suitable properties based on specific criteria. These criteria may include location, size, price range, amenities, and other relevant factors. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, property search and matching platforms simplify the process of finding the ideal property, saving time and effort for users.

HR Process

The HR process encompasses various activities related to human resource management within an organization. This includes recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits administration, and employee offboarding. Streamlining the HR process through automation and digital tools ensures efficient handling of HR tasks, improves employee experience, and optimizes overall organizational productivity.

Property on Map

Property on Map is our best feature on applications and websites. It allows users to view properties and their locations on a geographical map. By leveraging technologies like GPS and geolocation, users can easily explore available properties, evaluate their proximity to amenities or desired areas, and make informed decisions based on the spatial context provided. Property on Map enhances the property search experience and provides valuable information for potential buyers or renters.

Navigate Field Sales Executive through App

It is designed to assist and navigate sales executives in managing their field activities. It provides features such as route optimization, lead management, and customer information access, all on the go. The app streamlines the sales process, increases productivity, and enhances customer engagement, ultimately boosting sales performance.

T3 Real Estate CRM
put forth it's best features for you

Intuitive Dashboard:

Upon logging in, you'll be greeted with a user-friendly dashboard that provides a quick overview of your real estate business. Get instant access to key metrics, upcoming appointments, pending tasks, and other important information.

Customer Profiles:

Maintain detailed profiles for each of your clients. Store essential information such as contact details, property preferences, past interactions, and notes. This enables personalized communication and helps you deliver tailored services to your customers.

Property Database:

Create a centralized database of properties available for sale or rent. Include comprehensive details such as property type, location, specifications, pricing, and multimedia assets (photos, videos, virtual tours). Display property listings on your website and easily update them as properties get sold or rented.

Appointment Scheduling:

Effortlessly schedule and manage appointments with clients. Our CRM allows you to view team calendars, check availability, send meeting invites, and automatically send reminders to clients. This ensures smooth coordination and eliminates the risk of missed appointments.

Email Integration:

Integrate your email account with our CRM system to streamline your communication. Send and receive emails directly from the CRM platform, ensuring all interactions are recorded and easily accessible. Create email templates for common inquiries or marketing campaigns, saving you time and effort.

Task and Activity Management:

Stay on top of your daily tasks and activities with our CRM's built-in task management feature. Create to-do lists, set reminders, and assign tasks to team members. Monitor task progress, track completion, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Analytics and Reports:

Make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Gain insights into lead conversion rates, sales performance, customer engagement, and more. Generate custom reports to track key metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Integration Capabilities:

Seamlessly integrate our CRM software with other tools and platforms you use in your real estate business. Whether it's your website, marketing automation software, or accounting system, our CRM ensures a smooth flow of data across your entire tech stack.

Mobile Accessibility:

Access your CRM on the go with our mobile app. Stay connected to your clients, manage leads, schedule appointments, and perform other essential tasks from anywhere, at any time.