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 Realestate Consultant and Broking

Make Your Work Life Easy

With this elegant system, you can focus on the business growth from all perspectives. You are going to reduce your work head and have the smooth working of your organization.


Increase real estate sales with end-to-end sales execution

Segment your prospective home buyers based on various factors – property types, preferences, location, demographics, financial status, home loan status and more.

Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Automate the marketing strategies

Capture property inquiries from all your marketing campaigns.

Including digital ads (Google, YouTube, etc.), social (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), traditional ads (print, TV ads, etc. via phone calls), website, real estate marketplaces

Identify the best and worst-performing campaigns to aid budget allocation.


Connect with all your potential buyers

Filter out the junk leads during lead capture with mobile number verification.

Reduce response time by distributing property inquiries automatically to your real estate agents.

Distribution can happen based on property type (residential or commercial), sub-type (luxury or budget apartments), location, other preferences, agent availability and more.


Map the homes with needs

Requirement for the home gets perfect match from the inventory or the selling requirements out here.

Once you get the matching home, T3CRM will take care of all the activities from Booking to Possession for you.

Timely documentation will lead to better delivery.

Help Growing others

Enables brokers to get their commissions with respect to deals

Maintain all the details of brokers as sole sellers.


Manage the Inventory

Project Creation

Phase Creation

Building and Flat creation

Milestones (Related to customer payments)

Featured with Subvention Schemes


Extensive Human Resource Management

Straight-forward & Simple Features to handle end to end Employee processes.

High-efficiency HR software, that allows you to make a meaningful impact.

Ease of use from mobile to mark the attendance, apply for leaves and make the approvals.

Highly Efficient in calculating salaries, configuring payrolls and many more HR activities.

Employees are tracked from Hire to Retire stages.


Seamless accounting

Accurately define budget and allocate costs (for raw material, labour, transportation, and other overhead costs).

Simplified Process of Making payments to vendors, paying wages to employees or financial forecasting.

Allows managers to ensure customer payment schedules, revenue tracking and credit management across the business

Easy use of automated invoicing, billing, payments and revenue management

The robust reconciliation process to improve the accuracy of the financial reporting function and allows the finance department to publish financial reports with confidence.


360-degree Reports and analytics

Up-to-date behavioural insights and automated reports of major activities for your business.

Offering an easy design, to filter business data by various segments.

Enables businesses to collate, analyse, and view data, for making sound business decisions and to come up with strategic plans.

Reliable analysis using visual reports as a basis, making the process far easier and hassle-free.

Easy to use platform, allowing users to learn system navigation quickly.


Out of the box Dashboards

Includes a dashboard environment featuring reports, graphs, tables, and alerts

Enables user at any organizational level to have key performance indicators that are specific to their job function.

View of information such as up-to-date financial reports, key performance indicators, organization-wide inventory data, sales and margin by product line,external data and leading economic indicators.

Offer a seemingly unlimited list of analytical possibilities.


Configurations and personalization

Provides changing the parameters that meet your business’s financial, shipping, and customer-facing needs.

Configure the system to recognize revenue by a certain set of specifications, like a geographical unit or product line.

Personalizing the system with respect to your need is the key feature and you can use it to the extent of adding the last extent with a deep understanding of complex organizational structures, processes & workflows.


Accelerated Processes

Control of all essential business processes and material flows, collect data, and deliver evaluations for strategic decisions—from purchasing, warehousing and production to marketing and sales, customer support, and controlling.

Speeding up the transactions and improve visibility into cash flow, by integrating your financial operation in real time with other business processes, such as purchase and sales by almost about 50%.

Accelerations in product introductions and maintaining agile shop floor execution to deliver intelligent order fulfilment will be improved by around 50 to 80 % by implementing T3CRM.

Together we can find a solution