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T3 is one of the best in class CRM Service proivder in Mumbai  for Inventory Management module, the actual inventory movements are executed with the use of warehousing orders. Warehouse activities, such as receiving, put away, picking, and shipping are handled in this module and controlled by means of the warehousing orders or handling units. In addition, activities such as cross-docking, assembly, packaging, cycle counting, inventory adjustments, and blocking are available in this module. The Inventory Handling functionality can also be used in warehouse environments with a high volume, as well as environment with low volume throughput of goods.

Highlights of T3 CRM + ERP

Product Inventory

Vendor Registration

Create Products

Product Images

Barcode Defination

Reorder level

Godown Inventory

Receive Goods at Godown

Issue Goods From Godown

Retail Outlet

Receive Goods From Godown

Stock Replenishment

Stock management on Sale


Vendor Purchase

Raise Vendor Po

Receive Goods

Increase Stock

Goods Transfer

Raise Transfer PO

Receive Goods

Reports – Summary

Stock Ledger

Stock Location Wise

Stock valuation

Stock List

Stock category Wise

Re order level

Max & Min Stock Analysis



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