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T3 Pharma CRM promotes collaboration among sales teams, marketing departments, and other stakeholders by offering shared calendars, task management, and document sharing capabilities. It enhances communication, coordination, and teamwork, leading to more effective and efficient sales and marketing efforts.


T3 Pharma CRM assists in planning, executing, and tracking marketing campaigns. It provides tools to segment target audiences, create personalized messages, and monitor campaign performance. This enables effective campaign management, improved customer targeting, and better ROI measurement.

Efficiently Manage Field Sales Operations and Boost Productivity

Tour Planning

Optimize tour planning with T3 Pharma CRM's appointment scheduling, route management, and resource allocation, boosting sales rep productivity and customer coverage.

Pre-Call Planning

Empower sales reps with comprehensive customer data in T3 Pharma CRM, including prescribing patterns and interactions, for personalized strategies and effective customer engagements.

Post-Call Analysis

Capture and analyze key discussion points, customer feedback, and actions in T3 Pharma CRM, empowering sales teams to evaluate outcomes and make data-driven decisions for future engagements.

Primary & Secondary Order Processing

T3 Pharma CRM handles direct and secondary order processing, verifying and fulfilling orders between healthcare professionals, manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities.

Client Data Management

Centralize and organize client data in T3 Pharma CRM, including profiles, preferences, and interactions, enabling targeted marketing, personalized communication, and better customer relationship management.


Facilitate e-detailing with T3 Pharma CRM's digital platforms and tools for remote interactions, delivering product information, educational content, and interactive presentations to healthcare professionals, expanding reach and enhancing engagement.

Accounts & HRMS Management in T3 Pharma CRM

HRMS System

Employee Management

T3 Pharma CRM helps manage sales teams and personnel involved in customer engagement. It supports territory management, performance tracking, incentive management, and training. It enhances sales force effectiveness, aligns individual goals with organizational objectives, and promotes employee growth and development.

Reports & Analytics

T3 Pharma CRM generates reports, dashboards, and analytics based on the collected data. It provides insights into sales trends, marketing effectiveness, and customer behavior, enabling datadriven decision-making, performance measurement, and strategic planning.

Expense Management

T3 Pharma CRM automates and streamlines expense management processes, allowing sales representatives to easily capture, categorize, and track expenses incurred during customer visits. It helps ensure compliance with company policies, simplifies reimbursement processes, and provides insights into spending patterns for better expense control.

Material Requirement Planning

The Resource Material Requirement Planning (MRP) function is used to procure the required quantities of materials in a timely manner for production. The MRP can be generated against the master data.

Key Features

  • Direct Purchase Enquiry
  • Purchase Enquiry via Indent
  • Purchase Quotation via Enquiry
  • Purchase Order via Enquiry
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Order via Indent
  • Direct Purchase Order
  • Purchase Scheduling
  • Purchase Order Cancellation
  • Purchase Order Force Close
  • Direct Service Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice

How T3 Crm plays Important role in Manufacturing


  • Batch Management &
  • Support for Contract
  • Manufacturing
  • Production QC
  • Batch Manufacturing Records
  • generation
  • WIP Tracking


  • Supplier/Vendor Management
  • Quote to Receipt Management
  • Purchase Order
  • GRN
  • Material In


  • Material In & Out
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Management
  • Multiple UOM
  • Physical & Cycle Coun
  • Warehouse Audit


  • Material Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Forecast Maintenance
  • MPS Dashboard

Inventory Control

SOS Inventory offers the health industry important pharmaceutical inventory management features essential for balancing supply and demand of important prescriptions.

  • Barcode scanning – to accurately log physical inventory count and medication description including any important warnings, instructions, and side effects information.
  • Lot tracking – forward and backward traceability to locate any tainted product.
  • Expiration date tracking – reduce waste and ensure patients receive active medications.
  • Automate purchase Requisitions – determine reorder points and automatically place orders from suppliers

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T3 Pharma CRM is the ultimate solution for pharmaceutical companies seeking to maximize their sales potential, improve customer relationships, and achieve long-term success. Our comprehensive features, robust analytics, and seamless integration will empower your team to drive growth and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.


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