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T3 ERP Provides a fully integrated system for Plastic Manufacturing Industry. Which provides a plastic manufacturer with a flexible and configurable solution. Right from the production to dispatch manufactured product users can view the process in a 360-degree view, Realtime data is available to see the actual manufacturing process.

ERP for the Plastic manufacturing industry helps to streamline all their operations, also helps to improve the production and also helps to reduce the expense cost.T3 ERP for the plastic industry brings the mobile capabilities which make software available at any time and at any place.

T3 ERP software takes care of all the processes, because of which it becomes easy to deliver the order on time with proper order accuracy, quality, and pricing.

ERP Features and Benefits for Plastic Manufacturing Industry

Production Scheduling

  • Easy to manage Multi cavity tooling, work schedule, labor, setup time and group work orders
  • Easy to manage production timing
  • Planners will able to see specific jobs for tooling method

Material consumption

  • Easy to track material consumption
  • Scrap Management
  • Scrappage levels are monitored
  • Lot traceability and control
  • Formula Management

Tracking and Traceability

  • Goods are traced
  • Barcoding system is used for goods tracking
  • Dispatch of material is traced
  • Raw material tracking
  • Finished goods are traced from initial purchase dispatch

Batch Production

  • Electronic batch master records are created
  • Able to create testing documents
  • Can create a unique identification number for each batch manufactured for full traceability and tracking

Order Processing

  • Easy to track order
  • Online Invoice generation
  • Online delivery notes generation
  • Real-time Order Tracking

Documentation Storage

  • Easy to Store Documents
  • All communication with vendors and stakeholders can be to green in the ERP system
  • Emails,faxes,BOM,sales order,purchase order etc can be stored in ERP system
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