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T3 Garment CRM

T3 ERP for apparel manufacturers, retailers and trader takes care of their complete merchandising operation right from order booking, material management, production planning and monitoring, Raw material and finished goods Inventory control with rack management, Sales order booking and dispatch management.  

T3 CRM range is a fully integrated software applications which had been used by leading organisations whether it be large scale or small scale industry.

The CRM software involves using technology to organize,automate and synchronize sales,marketing,customer service and technical support.

We provide wide range of solutions for apparel industry which covers loyalty programs,multi – angle customer analysis and also a range of marketing strategies, which helps to grow your business.

T3 CRM Software is also open to any of the mobile platform with all compatible browser and internet access.User can also open the CRM on any mobile,iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet, etc

T3 CRM Software for Garment Industry involves:

  • Billing & Invoicing of the product
  • Inventory Management tool
  • Purchasing tool
  • Order Processing & Sales system
  • Raw Material Management system
  • Returns Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Supply Chain Management

T3 CRM Software Features for Garment Industry :

  • A totally integrated solution software with all features
  • The most advanced technology for the users
  • Affordable and easy to get started - user friendly

T3 CRM Software Advantages for Garment Industry :

  • Powerful cloud Technology
  • Intuitive Graphic Interface
  • Helps you to streamline your Business