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T3 ERP system places all the business management information in one place, making it easy to compare information and see the impact various parts of the business have on others. The streamlined processes provided by T3 ERP in Malaysia are especially helpful for growing companies because they automate many business functions to increase in cost savings and efficiency.T3 ERP software also enables you to analyse your business in real-time and respond quickly to any changes, problems, or updates.

Multiplatform Accessibility

T3ERP is compatible with Android and Apple mobiles as we believe that “Nothing should stop your Work”.

Accessing the system from mobile makes your work so easy and fast so that you can complete multiple tasks in a day.

Multicompany Engagement

In just a single database you can process transactions, perform closings, and generate reports for individual companies or an entire group of companies.

You can analyse company divisions and companies within your organization to generate the necessary reports.

Sales Force Management

Presales modules provided in T3ERP makes you to follow the process right from capturing the Leads until it is closed / won.

The extensive campaign management with T3ERP helps you in marketing automation, analysis and budgeting over marketing strategies.

It also enables you to capture your leads from various communication channels through API integration.

Inventory Management

T3ERP has given various features related to inventory management as

  • Material Movement
  • Purchasing
  • Sales order generation
  • Purchase requisition
  • Bill of quantity
Warehouse management

T3ERP has given the extensibility for Wearhouse management through below features :

  • Scan and print the barcode that is placed or has to place on the item
  • Print the labels and generate the item numbers (Auto Batch/Serial Number)
  • Define details of batch, serial and non-tracked goods
  • Manage the bin operations seamlessly.
  • Its responsive screens feature, intuitive UI can automatically adjust as per the size and orientation of the device.
Employee management

The all-in-one solution is an integrated working environment for management HR & employees, which results in streamlined Organizational Internal processes. The system provides a centralized storage of Organizational data and enhances communication between your Employee and also designed for real-time data delivery. It takes care of each process of the employee from hire to retire phases.

Accounts and Finance

To accurately define budget and allocate costs (for raw material, labour, transportation, and other overhead costs). To make payments to vendors, paying wages to employees or financial forecasting To ensure customer payment schedules, revenue tracking and credit management across the business. To use automated invoicing, billing, payments and revenue management very easily. To manage cost analysis, profit tracking, invoice tracking, budgeting, investments and more.

Reporting tool
  • T3ERP allows you to get up-to-date behavioural insights and automated reports of major activities for your business.
  • Offering an easy design, this tool allows you to filter business data by various segments.
  • This also enables businesses to collate, analyse, and view data, which can be used in making sound business decisions and to come up with strategic plans.
  • Users can come up with reliable analysis using visual reports as a basis, making the process far easier and hassle-free. The platform’s interface is easy to use, allowing users to learn system navigation quickly.
  • The business intelligence dashboards are designed to make decision support technology easy to use, easy to deploy, and affordable.
  • It also includes a dashboard environment unique to each user featuring reports, graphs, tables, and alerts. This allows users at any organizational level to have key performance indicators that are specific to their job function.
  • Users can view information such as up-to-date financial reports, key performance indicators, organization-wide inventory data, sales and margin by product line, and external data and leading economic indicators.
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