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T3 Softwares Offers solution called "Trunkey Project Management" for all the industry 's which are based in Mumbai.

T3 Softwares Offers solution and service for "Trunkey Project Management" which will help all the SME industry's in Mumbai to streamline their organisation.

The most important benefit of Turnkey Project Management is that all the solution is ready to use the moment the project is completed. Turnkey Projects makes the client and vendor more liable for the quality of design and completion of the project.This liability of the project gives the client and vendor a complete idea that the project will get completed on time.A Turnkey Project is a business solution wherein the project is delivered on time with all completed stages.

Turnkey Project Management is a best solution which can be used for any of the business and industry solutions.

Benefits of Turnkey Project Management:

  • Reduced total time during the development of the project
  • Lowers the cost of the project when implementing all the elements under one provider
  • Performance Guarantee
  • This is practical solution for all the project
  • Lowers the risk
  • Resulting in cost reduction for the owner
  • Permits better control by the owner regarding the technology, materials and equipment to be implemented.
  • No multiple contracts, no multiple payments.
  • No extra expenses
  • Minimal liability to deliver the project
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