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T3 CRM for project management enables you for planning and tracking resources to meet customer demands when you are building engineer-to-order or make-to-order products from scratch.

In addition to managing machinery and materials, you can also account for non-plant resources such as people and information from this system.

Project Integration Management

T3 CRM facilitates the coordination of all elements such as tasks, resources, stakeholders, and any other project elements, also managing conflicts between different aspects of a project, making trade-offs between competing requests and evaluating resources.

This involves below processes:

Planning and Budgeting

T3 CRM makes the process of Planning with estimating the individual activities to be carried out, and their durations and relationships between them, so organized and manageable through Task Allocation module, Bill of quantity Module.

T3 CRM provides you the Quotation Module to create specification books, calculate and analyse the work item prices in an accurate way, manage the subcontractor price-inquiries and print the quotation using your own layout

Project Definition

  • Project Creation for the company
  • Creating profiles who are involved in the projects
  • Associate the profiles with Roles so as to accomplish the tasks.

Project execution and tracking

Project execution and planning go hand in hand in T3CRM through Task Allocation Module and Bill of Quantity Module.

Various Reports and Dashboards showcase the tracking and maintenance of the projects. This gives the glance about all the projects with respect to their process cycle.


T3CRM has provided project wise billing facilities with respect to Activities performed by the employees for the particular projects.

Employees fill their Timesheets on daily basis to showcase about how much work done on what dates.

By calculation hours spent by the employee and the per hour rate decided for the project, billing is done and shared with client.

Closure - T3 CRM provides a standard compliance process for project closure which includes

  • Contract closure
  • Financial closure
  • Project Review
  • Handover Documentation
  • Historical Data Reports
Project Cost Management

Cost management - the process of estimating, allocating, and controlling the costs in a project is efficiently handled in T3CRM. It allows a business to predict coming expenses in order to reduce the chances of it going over budget.

Once the project is completed, predicted costs vs. actual costs are compared, providing benchmarks for future cost management plans and project budgets through various reports Without cost management, companies would lose money or customers would receive invoices for much more than expected.

Project Human Resource Management

Project human resource management involves organizing and managing a project team, usually made up of people with specific skills and responsibilities. The project team, should be involved in plans and decision making from the beginning of the project.

The basic Features of HRMS Addressed in T3CRM are

Roles and Responsibilities

In T3CRM you can defines roles, authority, responsibility, and competency. These individuals or groups can be within or outside the performing organization. The roles described for the project may not have a direct analogy to a position within the organization.

Org Charts

T3CRM provides user wise hierarchy by which the Reporting heads can supervise, approve the work done by their sub ordinates. The org chart also works hand-in-hand with a roles and responsibilities chart, in that it will identify an unambiguousowner for each work package in the project.

Staffing Management Plan

This plan describes how human resource requirements will be met for the project. The plan can be formal or informal, detailed or general, depending on the project needs. The staffing management plan is continually updated during the project T3CRM supports Staff Acquisition to identify when specific resources roll on or off the project and the skill levels required of those resources In T3CRM you can manage Resource Calendars to identify when staff acquisition activities should begin as well as staff availability and hours available from a particular resource

Project Quality Management

T3CRM includes real-time tracking and compliance to help manufacturers maintain tight control of their supply chains. This serves as a central data hub for all your operations, providing full traceability of parts and products at multiple levels of the supply chain. With instant notifications of nonconformant parts or equipment malfunctions, you can tackle issues head-on without suffering downtime.

T3CRM includes comprehensive quality management modules that help companies meet mandates throughout the manufacturing, packaging and handling of products.

Project Communication management

Project success depends on effective communication and this is the importance of communication in any project. Improving communication maximizes success and minimizes risk.

T3CRM has given multiple ways to communicate the progress of the project:

  • Dashboards – Various dashboards are available to showcase the performance of each team
  • Reports – T3CRM has extensive reporting tool which can be used for essential analysis and communication.
  • Notice boards – All the team members can view the notices with respect to projects and also have facility to chat with each other through T3CRM communication panel.
  • Notifications – T3CRM focuses on attention of the approvers by notifying the pending approvals on their User dashboards.
  • Reminders – T3CRM provides reminder system which makes users aware about their scheduled tasks in advance.
Project Risk Management

Risk managementis the process of identifying, categorizing, prioritizing and planning for risks before they become issues.

T3CRM has provided the customised framework to

  • Analyse the risks in each Phase of the project
  • Steps for risk prevention
  • Reduce the risk factors
  • Risk Acceptance and managing the Risks.
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