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T3 CRM is web-based CRM software solution in Mumbai. T3 CRM leverages the benefits of adding more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features, such as Marketing Automation, Pre Sales, Post Sales, Accounts, Sales Force Automation, Help Desk, Projects, Sub Projects, Products, Vendors, Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Reports, Business, Intelligence & Dashboards, Security Management.


  • Fully Customizable as per Industry
  • Low per User cost as compared to sales Force , Net Suite & Microsoft Dynamic
  • Quick Implementation with customization (Average is 20 days)
  • Customization is free throughout your Subscription Period

Marketing Automation
  • Campaign management : Helps company to understand how many leads have come in from what kind of adv campaign.
  • Sub Campaign Management : Helps you create a larger campaign and create sub campaign under that.
  • Campaign Expenditure : All outgoing Expenses towards a campaign can be tracked.
  • Direct Lead Capture : From Website, Mass Emails sent, Micro Sites, Adwords campaign

Sales Force Automation
Lead Management
  • Rule Based Lead Allocation : Leads are allocated to related executive based on Defined Rules by administrator
  • Define Sales Flow Stages : As per Industry each modules will have sales flow stages which helps to move the lead to next level and capture respective Data.
  • Owner Owns Followup : Each lead is assigned to a Executive and shared with a Team of users. Admin can track the follow done by any of these users and make sure that no lead is lying ideal.
  • SMS & Email Communication : T3 CRM can be configured to sent related email and SMS communication as a part of sales to each lead by executive.
  • Hierarchy Wise data Viewing : Each user in T3 Will have an individual login and each one on logging in will view data based on organizational hierarchy.
  • Rejection Analysis : Each rejected lead will have a rejection analysis methodology for BI reports.

Prospect & Enquiry management
  • Qualifying Leads gets converted : All qualifying leads get converted to Prospect and enquiry.
  • Contacts Management : All prospects multiple contacts are captured .
  • Identify Prospect needs : As per Industry each enquiry will have a need Capture form.
  • Multiple Enquiries for 1 Prospect : Each prospect can have multiple enquiries and status and follow up of each one can be tracked separately.
  • Follow up Tracking : Follow up of prospect, enquiries can be marked and handled effectively to calendering.
  • Rejection Analysis : Each rejected Enquiries / prospect will have a rejection analysis methodology for BI reports.

Customer management
  • Order won Enquiries gets Converted : All qualifying enquiries get converted to customers.
  • Creating of Post sales : Post sales gets created for each enquiry and to track products purchased.
  • Collection Schedule : Each Order can be defined with a payment schedule.

Post sales & Collections
  • Order Confirmation : Post sales gets created against each customer as per the enquiry done, each customer can have multiple post sales created against them.
  • Payment Collection : Payment gets collected against each of the post sales as per the collection schedule.
  • Track Post sales Follow Up : Follow-up done for payment collection and other service related issues can be tracked against each post sales.

Help Desk
  • Direct Complain Ticket : Customer Can Directly register the complain form the website of the Organization.
  • Complain Ticket Escalation : Complain will be escalated up the hierarchy of the resolution is not met within the SLA.
  • Resolution for Knowledge Database: Support Executive can resolve customer complain by using T3 CRM knowledge database that has been Generated Overtime from previous Complain resolution.
  • Alerts: Customer will get Ticket registration Alerts via sms and email.

Inventory Management

T3 CRM provides Products, Price Books, Vendors, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices specifically useful for integrating your organization's sales, inventory, and accounting processes and enhance the sales effectiveness. You can also use other related features, such as Activity Management (including Calendaring), Account & Contact Management, Opportunity Management, File Attachments, and others.

Customer Self Service Portal

The T3 Customer Portal add-on extends the power of T3 CRM to your corporate Web site and streamline customer support & service processes. Using T3 Customer Portal you can integrate your corporate Web site with your overall CRM strategy. With T3 Customer Portal you can provide round-the-clock self-service capability to your customers so they can get solutions as quickly as possible and reduce the expenditure on your customer service centers.

T3 CRM Compatible Industries

T3 CRM team are experts in CRM implementation for Real estate CRM, Manufacturing CRM, Construction CRM, Builder CRM, Pharma CRM, Financial Services CRM. We are one of the prominent players for CRM implementation in Mumbai.

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