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T3 Softwares

T3 offers all types of modules which will be helpful for your automotive business which are based in Mumbai.

Our modules will help your organization to streamline, also to help you know all your showroom visits, bookings, vehicle sales, loans and payments schedules.

Modules for automotive CRM:

  • Sales Target Module
    1. This module will help you to set target and monitor sales target for your business and sales team.
    2. It will also help you to monitor financial growth
    3. Keeps the track of your sales performance for your business and sales team
  • Lead Module
    1. You can add multiple leads into the CRM
    2. You can also be able to see the status of each lead follow up
    3. You can also allocate the leads to your salesperson
  • Follow up Module
    1. - You can follow up with your customer using calls, emails, SMS
    2. - You can also set reminders to follow up, calls and meetings
  • Showroom Module
    1. Listing of showroom can be one at one place
    2. You can also add, manage and edit details of cars from various showrooms
  • Workshop Modules
    1. You can Add and manage the details of the cars which are coming to your workshop
    2. Discounts booklets can be created for car servicing
  • Insurance module
    1. Management of multiple insurance details
    2. Discounts booklets can be created for car servicing
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