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T3 Softwares CRM offers in delivering business management software to transport and logistics companies located in Mumbai.CRM for Logistics and transportation companies are designed in such a way that all the information is kept in a single database which gives its user a complete planning, budgeting, analysis and control of the transportation process.

T3 CRM for logistic companies gives a 360-degree visibility into your business.T3 CRM for logistics and transportation company offers a specific solution which will help to manage interaction which is held between customers, you can easily streamline business operations, you can also efficiently handle the transportation processes.

Benefits of T3 CRM for Logistic and Transportation :

  • Unified Customer database
  • Easy to route and logistics management
  • Efficient to manage customer request and order management
  • User-friendly analytics and reporting tool
  • Easy to manage sales planning and sales process management

Advantages of T3 CRM for Logistic and Transportation Companies::

  • Easy to manage Productivity
  • An efficient way to track business activity
  • Easy to manage sales activity
  • User-friendly mechanism
  • Get up to date service information and 24/7 assistance to employees/customers
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