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How does one move from Data to Insights to Action

T3 Cash Management System in Mumbai offers Cash Management Systems which have served businesses by offering end-to-end accounting solutions, but in today's competitive business climate, CXO's are increasingly experiencing the need of an analytic system which can present holistic view of the business performance across all business dimensions, viz., Customer experience, Business performance, Supplier performance and Employee performance.

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    Business Metrics

    Once a CMS product is sold to a client, the next, pricing discussion is often but not always databased. It is imperative for the management to gain in-depth and consolidated knowledge of the value and volume of various instruments processed for client across branches. eCBM : Cash Analytics serves a business by providing a holistic snapshot as well as individual analysis of product transactions across regions across clients on a periodic basis.

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    Customer Experience

    Knowledge about the time taken to finish key processes is of utmost critical to maintain the service level promised to the customer. eCBM : Cash Analytics inbuilt customer-centric MIS assures you comprehensive stage-by-stage and end-to-end reports on the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of your payments & collections processes by a click of a button. Cash Analytic's capabilities also keep a track of the instruments returned to the organization

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    Supplier Metrics

    eCBM : Cash Analytics automated tracking reports keep a real-time track of the SLA adherence of each correspondent bank. The exhaustive graphical reports give a clear representation of the current and desired levels of adherence and improves the transparency with your correspondent bank in your business.

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    Shareholder Metrics

    Empower your business by harnessing the ability of eCBM : Cash Analytics shareholders metrics to efficiently manage your income. The monthly, quarterly and annual fee-income reports summarize the volume and sales per client in a comprehensive manner. and provide statistical information on the average and median ticket size of instruments and hence the disparities in the back-office effort.

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    Employee Metrics

    Give your business the power to evaluate the performance levels of your employees objectively by analyzing errors committed by the maker and the checker in the data entry process. Measuring productivity and accuracy levels of the employees facilitate improvement in the efficiency of the process.

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