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T3 offers to its client with software which helps them to manage your purchase order. With the help of purchase order software, the user can create, track and manage all their purchases.

The user can create and send the purchase order for all your products and services. With the help of this software, it becomes simple and easy to have a good visibility on your purchases you make for your business.

Purchase Management Software Highlights:

  • The user can create a detailed purchase order which can contain all your requirement like, Product price, quantity, expected delivery date etc.
  • T3 purchase order Software also gives the functionality of converting the purchase order to bill.
  • After receiving and paying for the goods, the user can convert the PO to a bill. At a time user will be able to convert multiple PO which had to send to the vendor.
  • The software also consists of reports for the purchase order, with the help of reports user gets a complete information about all its PO, tracking of the PO becomes easy.
  • With the help of reports, you can ensure you receive your goods at the right time and pay for the purchases.
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