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Dec 2015

Category: Content Example
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AS its Only seven days left for the Christmas & and I don't have something special to wear on this occasion , as i am the working person I don't have time to visit shops. 

But now a days e commerce has become one of the part of our lifestyle,where buying & selling of any goods or services online is as easy & secure as doing your daily activity. People are now so addictive to Online E commerce Portal that they will buy almost everything by using e commerce portal .Most of the stores will upgrade themselves in to virtual Stores, because it will reduce their expenses on store space or rent , electricity, manpower & managing inventory ,Such businesses can cut short on these things and can use this money one time in developing online E Commerce portal ,which will be more profitable . Now a Days people are getting more options ,price comparison, product details ,reviews ,delivery assurance ,replacement ,guarantee, offers best services which their local vendor may not provide & without wasting time in traveling ,People will get everything on just one click. People can avoid queue by paying their all bills online.

Now let's come back to the point & think from business man prospective, first of all you as business owner need to understand from the start that what is E commerce , Ecommerce is the business which use computer application which rely on internet where Buying & selling of the products & services happens electronically .There are 2 types E commerce portal any business can opt out for


B2C E Commerce Portal


B2B2C E Commerce Portal


B2B E Commerce Portal

If Any Business want to set up their own E Commerce Portal where they will post only their company product for buying & selling then it is called as B2C portal where business will serve only to their customer audience or not other Business & their products .

If any Company want to set up E Commerce portal where other businesses can also post their product & services for buying & selling & customer will get various vendor option to shop for is call B2B2C E Commerce Portal .


e- commerce processes

  • Access control and security
  • Profiling and personalizing
  • Search management
  • Content management
  • Catalog management
  • Payment
  • Workflow management
  • Event notification
  • Collaboration and Trading