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Nov 2015

Category: Content Example
Written by Super User

Do you think that all companies CRM requirements are same?? As every individual is unique same way every Company is having its unique work culture, having their unique business style even if they belong to same industry. 


There are so many CRM’s available in the market starting Range from Rs.20Thousand to 20Lakhs, starting from for individual agent to huge companies. Companies have multiple choices & option for CRM. As per research in India, more than 70% of companies change their software & CRM’s regularly in year or two. The reason behind this frequent migration from one system is to another is Unsuccessful implementation CRM.

Sometimes company management just decide to go for CRM software to automate the process .they just get impress with the Advertisement of software, demo, Features ,software’s, clientele list ,look& feel. Is this are the right parameters/only parameters to check before implementing any CRM to your organisation?

“Customization as per your company Requirement” should be the first parameter in your check list, Because Change(New customization ) is the only change that happens in Any/every business ,some times marketing strategies will change ,some times sales strategies or payment strategies will get change depends on your business status change is need or must .Most of the CRM implementation fails because after some time or at 1 extend CRM Vendors fails to provide customization or they will ask for Huge fees as these requirements are not defined in the business scope.

In market there are so many vendors who will provide you software in cheap price (it’s like making Xerox copy of existing one) which initially sounds good but what next? If you are setting any system in your organisation to automate your wok than that system should be able to generate report as per your wish & on click otherwise it’s better to be on excel at least its free!!