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Customize CRM to fit your business We bring Customer & Companies Together Cloud CRM Software ... ..


T3 CRM ERP Production

Production Management Software is used to streamlined work orders, scheduling and shop..

T3 CRM ERP Accounting

accounting management software which offers you the best for your business.

T3 CRM ERP Inventory

Inventory management software designed to help small and growing businesses...

T3 CRM ERP Web Based

Basic and advanced tools for managing assembly lines and multi-tiered BOM production cycles.

T3 CRM ERP Multi Company

T3CRM has given extensibility to manage all your companies through one platform.

T3 CRM ERP Purchasing

Predictive tools for estimating inventory shortages while minimizing overages and excess stock.

T3 CRM ERP Payroll

Feature rich Payroll made so simple. You'll feel in control.

T3 CRM ERP Sales

Basic and advanced tools for managing assembly lines and multi-tiered BOM production cycles.



T3 CRM is web-based CRM software T3 CRM leverages the benefits of adding more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features,


Bring all your locations HO, branches, service centres, Site location centrally. Manages and monitors all compliance processes.


T3 CRM Now comes with " Mobile CRM " on a move your Employees can access real time information,it allows your employees to manage it


Call Center Management Software from T3 provides all call center agents an integrated platform for managing their Outbound calling...


Targetting Tomorrow's Technology

T3 believe in an Innovative approach of understanding our customers needs while providing solutions.

T3 SOFTWARES ideology of putting "Customer's requirements first" has yield it trust and reputation among its clients.

We offer Android apps development.

  • We make apps that will place your company in a fast-growing market.
  • We have more than 10 Years of experience in mobile apps development.
  • We ensure that your mobile app will enhance your Productivity overall.
  • We have extensive experience in making user interface which will thrill your users. 

Today's world to stay ahead of the pack, you will need a mobile application

Enterprise Mobility using Android  

The team at T3 is capable of providing both customized and turnkey B2B Enterprise & B2C mobility software solutions for clients operating in Various vertical. All of our Android software solutions employ a specific philosophy designed to maximize our client's overall operational efficiency regardless of their specific market served. In many cases, Once the Android solution implementation has benefitted our clients receive can be quantified with actual cost savings alongside the intangible contributions created by improved efficiency. What to consider when creating your Android app

Find yourself a specialist

The Moment you think of making an android development app, the first and foremost problem you face is with development resources, as the technology is very new. So, in short, it has always better to outsource or consult the entire process of Android App development to a specialist team.

Decide - Mobile website or full-function app?

Many at times the company gets confused when it comes to enterprise mobility solutions. The confusion is whether to go for a mobile-based website or a fully functional android app. This confusion can be cleared once the specialist goes through the project requirement and finalize on the solution.

Design for Touch, especially for Android Devices

Design all your keeping in mind the use of Touch Technology. One has to go through the entire process of usability engineering to achieve that. Designers need to think carefully about the fact that the touch-target field may well be less than one centimeter. Only a Specialist Can do that.

Make the interface magic

The world of android development UI plays a very key role in the success of the app. While UI Engineers play a very balancing act of making it more attractive and also very easy to use.



T3 SOFTWARES defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help companies win in this competitive world, with over the years of experience in various aspects of software domains like Consultancy, Designing, Mapping and Analytics of various different business processes.

T3 offerings span Application Outsourcing, Business Solutions and IT Services. We are experts of Web based cloud Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation. We cater to Medium to large companies with customized CRM Solution.

In Software Testing we do Software Testing Outsourcing, manual testing, Performance testing, Test automation, Security testing. Major part of software testing come from Outsourcing business. Our segment wise expertise lies in Real estate CRM, Financial Service CRM, Telecom manufacturing, Banking and financial services, Manufacturing, CRM For Construction Industry, Builder CRM, Sales CRM Software.

Customer Service Segmentation

T3 is one of the leading Player in India for Web Based CRM, Customized CRM, Cloud based CRM, CRM for Small Business, On-Demand CRM, Hosted CRM, CRM Solution, CRM Software In Mumbai are all terms for the same CRM.

T3 Is a leading Player in Mumbai for Web based Application CRM & ERP development.

T3 believe in an innovative approach of understanding our customers needs while providing solutions. T3 ideology of putting "Customer's requirements first" has yield it's trust and reputation among its clients.

T3 currently handles over a hundred clientele in various Innovative web based technologies. With a well versed technical team. T3 SOFTWARES can become a beckon of light for "Targeting Tomorrows Technology"

Application Outsourcing

IT decision makers have always looked for solutions to add flexibility to their organizations, while reducing overhead.

Business Consultancy

T3 Softwares Consulting has the expertise and proven track record for Doing Business Automation Projects.

Android Apps Development

We offer Android apps development, makes apps that will place your company in a fast-growing market

Web Applications

We do a detailed scoping with you and do the Development using agile methodology, analyze your Requirement

Together we can find a solution