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Call Center Management Software from T3 provides all call center agents an integrated platform for managing their Outbound calling...

Call center CRM

What We Offer - T3 Call Center CRM

Call center CRM software also called call center CRM (customer relationship management), are software solutions that help call center agents to access the right information and knowledge about a customer's history to improve the overall customer experience. Call center CRM is typically desktop software that integrates with existing telephony and back-office applications.

One major benefit of using call center CRM software is that it enables call center agents to access information and knowledge in real-time to deliver the correct information to customers during telephone and online support calls.

Case management tools and knowledgebase applications help agents to deliver efficient resolutions to customers in a timely and satisfactory manner. Software that utilizes predictive analytics can also be used to help agents offer the right sales pitch during customer interactions.

Other features of call center CRM software may include agent training programs, knowledgebase applications, social media monitoring, case tracking, and customer history tools.