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We offer web applications development for your company:

  • We analyze your Requirement
  • We do a detailed scoping with you and do the Development using agile methodology
  • We deliver web applications using state of art technology
  • We ensure that the user interface is made as the best standards
  • Our solution will lower your maintenance costs and gain more productivity

Web or Desktop?

What is the Difference between both? Destop Application are the one which runs standalone on a desktop or a laptop in comparison to the web based which run through a browser and can be access anywhere via a hosed server. If you do a comparison study between both you can arrive at a conclusion that both have its own advantages. So basically the decision to go for web or desktop depends on where and for what it is used for.

Web Applications - Advantages for Users

Web Applications are always advantages for the end user as it doesn't require any software's to be installed on the local computer to run the application. The user can also used this application from anywhere if he have access to the internet. For larger companies it is always advantages to have web application as it will save lot of Administrator time, as it does not require to be maintained on each and every desktop or laptop. User can also use a very low end computer to access web applications.

Web Applications - Advantages for Companies

From a company's perspective it makes it easier for the companies to monitor their employee and gain MIS reports live. The data is more secure on a secure environment and it is impossible to pirate. For a maintenance cost perspective also it is cost effective for the company to have a platform & device independent application.

Technology Specialist view

Even After taking into Consideration all the Advantages and disadvantages, Web Application is the trend. If Companies want to ahead of the pack weather to enhance business Performance, maintain and enhance customer Relation, manage their sales activities one need to have web Application as a major support System. Web Application is the trend these days for both Business to business Communication or Business to business Performance.