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T3 Softwares provides technique called "Order Processing".This technique can be used in any of the industry solution.Order Processing technique have developed alongside technology to provide powerful means of capturing, tracking and shipping customers' orders.

T3 Modules of Order Processing:

  • Customer & Contact Management
    • Integrated customer & contact Management
    • Management of multiple shipping & billing addresses
  • Customer offer Processing
    • Order is allocated to respective sales person
    • Different currencies & document languages are already included
    • Management of document, discounts and payments & delivery terms is integrated
  • Costing & Pricing
    • Calculations can be created
    • Bills of Material are used for costing
  • Customer Order Processing
    • Customer's order are entered in order mask
    • EDI,web shop or sales force orders can be quickly integrated into the value chain
  • Customer Blanket Orders
    • Blanket orders also be created in sales
    • Call orders are automatically assigned to respective blanket order
    • Comprehensible overviews
    • Order and contract histories
    • Current deadlines and remaining quantities are maintained
  • Customer Order Planning
    • Checking all incoming orders in advance
    • Schedule the order based on available materials & resources
  • Invoicing
    • Invoices can be generated
    • Create collective invoices for several deliveries
  • Credit Note / Returns processing
    • Return management function for processing of returned goods
    • Generating credit notes
    • Creating corresponding return documents (RMA receipts)
    • Return process document history is maintained
  • Invoicing
    • Invoices can be generated
    • Create collective invoices for several deliveries
  • Sales force / commission
    • Calculate the commissions obtained by your sales representatives
    • Commission can be assigned to employees with help of commission table
    • Percentage or value - based commission can be set for product groups, products or discount groups
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