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Our solutions enable your organization to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas.

T3 Analytics delivers on the promise of cognitive business. Our portfolio provides the first and only end-to-end ecosystem of data, analytics and cognitive capabilities and expertise. Available on the cloud, on premises or in hybrid deployments, our portfolio helps organizations uncover insights that improve business processes and ideas that drive game-changing outcomes.

Benefits of using T3 analytics, Analytics from T3 allows you to:

Answer more questions in less time--with interactive visualizations, dashboards, and built-in statistics.

Clean and transform data visually as you go--with immersive and self-documenting data wrangling.

Broadcast the best ideas across the company--with guided analytics, collaboration, and sophisticated analytic applications.

Embed analytics seamlessly--to create smarter apps with embedded visualizations and reports.

Automate actions on streaming data--using real-time math, monitoring, and actions created using code-free development.

T3 Delivers cloud-based guided analytics, data visualization and predictive analytics that make understanding data easier. T3 Analytics offers a smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation.