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sales CRM

T3 ERP offers you with Intelligent tools to manage your sales

  • Lead Management

    Lead processing is the flow by which a lead enters your system and becomes known to your marketing automation process, until it is closed/won. This process needs to be documented, and it should include all the technology systems that contribute data to the contact/account. T3CRM makes this happens faster.

  • Pipeline Management

    Nurturing lead from prospect to customer through various phases is the pipeline and can be efficiently managed in T3CRM. The pipeline funnel is maintained in the system so as to get the quick glance of the sales.

  • Automated Reporting

    T3 CRM has provided fundamental reporting tool so as to get the reports for every phase of the sales process in detailed manner.The user-friendly environment makes you to get the essential data in appropriate format.

  • Mobile CRM

    We follow the principle “Work from anywhere”. To achieve this, we have integrated the T3CRM on mobile. All the features are accessible through mobile and would not hamper your work anymore.

  • Lead Scoring

    Calculation of lead score as per the interest of the person is done automatically in T3CRM which makes you to categorise the lead as Hot, Warm, Luke warm or cold.

  • API Integration

    Capture leads from all your online-paid ads, social media, chat, webinar etc. and offline channels-events, phone calls, walk-ins etc. Also capture leads from lead aggregators and third-party websites. T3CRM makes your leads captured available to system through API integration.