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Inventory Analysis and planning

T3 CRM has many features for Inventory analysis and planning which helps companies buy the right amount of stock and decide how often to reorder.

The essentials of Supply chain management which ensures that raw materials, work-in-progress items and finished goods move efficiently from the source or factory to the consumer have been provided by T3 CRM

Here are the benefits of T3 CRM used for inventory analysis and planning
  • Reduce or eliminate stockouts.
  • Reduce or eliminate overstocks, which drain profit margin.
  • Optimize stock so you can easily spot slow-moving items you need to discount.
  • Increase cash flow through inventory flow.
  • Increase profits with efficient production or robust sales.
  • Easily retrieve items from the warehouse or stockroom.

Warehouse management

Inventory management process is incomplete without Warehouse management. T3 CRM provides best features to manage your warehouses.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of WMS in T3 CRM expedites the process and facilitates accuracy and real-time tracking of data across the organization. It ensures that entire information is stored on the single platform and is synchronized well with that of the other departments.

Mobile Deployment – Anytime, Anywhere Access

T3 CRM features a mobile-friendly interface so that it can be accessed from handheld devices. It allows the management professionals to set authorities, view the list of purchase orders, raw materials, finished goods and track the inventory on the go.

Cost-reduction through Resource Optimization

GRN is the record used to confirm that all goods have been received and compared to the specific purchase order before payment is made.Intuitive purchase management software offers intuitive interface to create and manage GRN online.

Purchase Invoice Module

T3 CRM, a full-fledged and powerful mobile-friendly solution that allows you to plan and balance the number of orders, monitor the outbound progress, streamline picking-packing and dispatching, helps warehouse managers to define labour standards so that everyday operations are done on time and with utmost accuracy.

Inbound and Outbound Flow of Inventory

Scan and print the barcode that is placed or has to place on the item

Print the labels and generate the item numbers (Auto Batch/Serial Number)

Define details of batch, serial and non-tracked goods

Paperless Process

T3 CRM solution eliminates paper form processing by offering easily accessible features that make Warehouse Transfers a less time-consuming task.

Every detail is mentioned in the web-enabled and mobile-friendly application and thus, it saves time, efforts and promotes real-time tracking of goods.

Physical inventory and cyclic counting

  • Physical inventory is an actual count of the goods in stock. This can involve counting, weighing, and measuring items. T3 CRM gives the efficiency for physical inventory handling.
  • Cyclic counting is a method of physical inventory whereby inventory is counted at regular intervals within a fiscal year. This process is integrated in daily operations in T3 CRM.
  • T3 CRM has provided extensive reporting tool to get the information about the physical inventory counting and based on the stock the decision has to be made for material movements, purchase requisition or PO generation.

Sourcing and purchasing

With T3 CRM, companies can leverage critical information when making decisions while proactively managing ongoing activities throughout the source-to-settle lifecycle. And consists of the following:

  • Sourcing — The process of selecting suppliers to provide the goods and services you need to run your business is achieved in T3 CRM through Vendor module. This allows companies to establish consistent supply chains. This keeps your shelves stocked and customers happy. RFP is sent to the vendor on email and then as soon as we receive the confirmation from vendor, the quote gets created and saved in T3 CRM.
  • Requisitioning — Based on the existing inventory, the material movement is made either from warehouse to warehouse, warehouse to showroom/plant or one showroom /plant to other showroom or plant. T3 CRM has authentic process flow in purchase requisition module with respect to stock and material management.
  • Purchasing — Automating routine procure-to-pay transactions, such as purchase order creation, frees you up to find new savings opportunities. T3 CRM streamlines the process while enforcing negotiated pricing and ensuring policy compliance. Create purchase orders from approved requisitions without manual intervention. Provide your buying professionals with insight into exceptions, status, and actions required. Communicate with your suppliers using embedded social tools.

Inbound logistics

T3 CRM has effective features for inbound logistics in Material Movements

  • It helps to secure reduced carrier rates, which will ensure greater accuracy over inventory management.
  • Focuses on higher quality products, more cost savings and increased sales. It will also improve customer satisfaction, while also reducing total overhead and wasted materials.
  • Handles larger entities attempting to use shared fleet vehicles and drivers, with close cooperation between managers on pricing agreements, volume contracts and delivery terms.
  • It also takes care about Scrap and waste management.


T3 CRM has below features for sub-contracting

  • Contract creation is streamlined through Contract price module.
  • A secure, searchable contract repository with complete tracking and audit history enables users to quickly locate what they need.
  • Automated renewal management capabilities give procurement professionals early notification of expiring contracts.
  • Analytics identify contract deviations from defined standards. Auditable workflows enforce document approvals.
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