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Oct 2015

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T3 CRM is web-based CRM software T3 CRM leverages the benefits of adding more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features

T3 CRM is a cloud based CRM which is expertise in Medical Industry.T3 CRM is specifically designed for medical industry with all the tools and services incorporated in it.T3 CRM is the end to end crm solution for medical industry which is based in Mumbai used by commercial and medical teams.

T3 CRM Provides end to end customized solution.Our software is designed to use in the medical industry and for their staff.The CRM software module is designed to streamline your daily medical activity for planning,organizing,directing and controlling the available resources in the hospitals or in a clinic.

As our CRM software is a cloud based,which gives personal access to all the information.Our software is also mobile integrated which helps to represent real time data on sales to the home office immediately.

T3 CRM is scalable and user friendly ,easy to implement CRM that can easily scale your company requirements no matter how big or small.Your current leads and contact can be incorporated easily and quickly ,letting you get to your work.

T3 CRM solutions for Medical Industry

  • We assure you in a high degree of our products and professionalism of our software engineers
  • Net Suite & Microsoft Dynamics
  • Quick Implementation with customization
  • We combine all the functions of CRM system in order to make it corresponding with your needs and demands.

Benefits of T3 CRM for Medical Industry

  • User can also streamline their task very efficently.
  • User can learn more about patient behavior, their demands in order to build up strong relations with the patient.
  • User can also get better patient satisfaction and help them in proactive management of their health conditions.
  • User can also regulate on tasks in order to focus on patient needs and requirements.
  • User will also get to reduce a good part of time spent on servicing the patients and to increase operational services.
  • User can also react rapidly and effectively to patient inquiries in a very short time period.
  • User can also synchronize care more efficiently with group access to patient information.

What T3 CRM Offers for Medical Industry

  • Patient Referral Management tool.
  • Offers Medical Device Tracking tool
  • Custom Reporting tool
  • Appointment Questionnaires module
  • Customer Service Improvement Tools