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Dec 2015

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Banks can offer their valued customers the facility of opening accounts at their door step through Tab Banking.

Banks can offer their valued customers the facility of opening accounts at their door step through Tab Banking. The sales staff of Bank can visit the customers at their home and with the use of the tablets they will get the formalities completed.

Mobile based account creation and KYC: Under Tab Banking, the bank's sales staff will visit the customers at their home and using the tablets get complete formalities for account opening like details of KYC and photographs of applicant.

The account opening details will be loaded on the CBS (core banking solution) platform and the account number will be sent to the customer through SMS/e-mail. This will provide convenience and time saving to the customer for opening accounts with Bank.

Benefits of T3 Tab Banking


Mobile based Account opening and KYC


Mobile based Account opening and KYC


Mobile based alerts, notifications and approvals


Better cost efficiency, reduction in paper handling and storage costs


Faster exception and de-duplication handling


Better transparency and monitoring of activities drilled down to individual user level


Improved compliance and operational risk management with robust KYC practices


Increased profitability

Document Management System

There are several common issues that are involved in managing documents, when it is informal, ad-hoc, paper-based method for one person or many users.

T3 Bank CRM creates a central repository of the documents, and has a powerful search engine to search and retrieve documents.

The documents of each account will be saved in the database, having the following formats available: PDF, XML, CSV, DOC, etc...

The automatic filling of documents is supported. These documents can then be delivered to the Internet banking system.

Potential Benefits of T3 Bank CRM

Single 360° customer view Provides a paperless office, which is organized and free of paper flab Productivity improvements as the amount of time spent searching for and recreating data is dramatically reduced- enabled by powerful search and retrieve mechanisms.

Closer customer relationships, and stronger partner ties by decreasing the response time and handling the queries of members more efficiently The system would generate extensive reports on different criteria for increasing the overall efficiency The peace of mind that comes from making enterprise knowledge readily accessible within and outside the enterprise with the assurance of secure access, version control and sophisticated audit trails Safety against natural disasters and loss of paper documents by storing the documents in digitized format, which can be maintained in offline storage media and stored in remote locations

Work Flow for Different Banking Products

T3 Bank CRM provides complete work flow of following products


Saving Account


Family Wealth Account


Home Loans


Car Loans


Debit Cards


Credit Cards